Our Kalamata Olive Estate

Against a backdrop of rugged beauty and dramatic mountains, at the southern entrance to the Cederberg Conservancy, is where you will find Mount Ceder Olive Grove.  Biologically sustainable farming is practiced on Mount Ceder.  Natural predators take control of the olive grove assisting us in creating a natural micro eco system within the grove.

We have a family of about 12 Ribbok and Klipspringer buck that feed on the natural vegetation growing in between the trees helping to keep the growth under control.  The buck seem to be quite at home amongst the Olive trees, where they find all the shade, food and water they need.   Vegetation that remains between the trees is cut down and left at the base of the trees to create extra mulching around the trees.  The same is done with small branches that have been pruned.  Larger branches are cut up into smaller pieces and returned to the grove for mulching as well.  This mulching process saves moisture in the soil.

Our philosophy is that we only remove the olives from the olive grove, nothing else is added and nothing else is taken way.

Mount Ceder Kalamata Olive Grove
Mount Ceder Kalamata Olive Grove
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